Opportunity: Master of Laws

Have you thought about studying a Master of Laws or some individual courses with The University of Notre Dame Australia?  Classes for the first semester begin on 22 February 2021.  Classes can be taken on-line or face to face in Sydney.  The program of 8 courses can be completed full-time in a year or spread over several years if taken part-time.

This LLM enables students to focus on business lawinternational arbitrationcompetition law and economic international law.  The practical and business focused approach at Notre Dame helps to explain why that  Notre Dame’s postgraduate full employment rate is 98.2% three years after graduation.​


This LLM was created to provide students with choice.

Students can choose to study international economic law by taking the electives in LAWS6003 International Business Law and Dispute Resolution or LAWS6007 International Business Law in Practice.  Many of our other electives also have a clear business law focus such as LAWS6000 Asia-Europe Trade Law, LAWS6005 International Environmental Law, LAWS6009 International Taxation Law and/or LAWS6010 International Transport Law.

Students can choose to study international arbitration in their program by selecting the elective in LAWS6003 International Business Law and Dispute Resolution.  Students can choose to study comparative law by choosing the course LAWS6013 The Legal Environment of the Asia-Pacific Region.  

Students can choose to study competition law and economic international law by selecting the electives in LAWS6000 Asia-Europe Trade Law or LAWS6011 Issues in International Law and Contemporary Culture.

Notre Dame is also able to cater for students who wish to research in a very wide range of areas. 

Electives that are offered in any given semester will depend on student demand but the electives on offer over the program may include:
LAWS6003     International Business Law and Dispute Resolution. 
LAWS6007     International Business Law in Practice
LAWS6013     The Legal Environment of the Asia-Pacific Region
LAWS6000     Asia-Europe Trade Law,
LAWS6005     International Environmental Law
LAWS6009     International Taxation Law
LAWS6010     International Transport Law
LAWS6011     Issues in International Law and Contemporary Culture
LAWS6004     International Cultural Heritage Law
LAWS6014     The Philosophy of International Law
LAWS6006     International Human Rights Law
LAWS6008     International Perspectives on Bioethics and the Law
LAWS6012     Law and Religion
LAWS6001     Canon Law


A recording of a recent webinar in relation to the University of Notre Dame Australia’s Master of Laws (coursework) is now accessible from the webpage.  The presentation features Professor Michael Quinlan, Dean of Law, Sydney, current LLM student James McLagan and Professor Philippe Corruble from the Institut Catholique de Paris (ICP).   Subject to COVID 19 travel restrictions students can choose to study a semester of this LLM with the ICP in the heart of Paris.

For more information including enrolment information see:  https://www.notredame.edu.au/programs/sydney/school-of-law/postgraduate/master-of-laws

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